AC Servo drives Σ-V Series Indexer Modules

Since the release of the Σ-V series of AC servo drives in April 2007, with outstanding performance, easy startup, and greater expandability, the easy-to-use Σ-V AC servo drives have delivered the highest performance on the market and satisfied customers from more than 5,000 companies. For excellent expandability, the Σ-V lineup now includes the Indexer Module with a programmable positioning function. The Σ-V series servo drives together with the Indexer Module make it possible to perform a high-level positioning without using a controller. Especially with a PLC or a PC as the host controller, an unbelievably high level of performance can be delivered.


Smart:Refined programming

Uses program tables that require no special programming language. All you are required to do for positioning is to set the position data, speed, and other types of information. In these tables, you can also easily select output signals and functions such as those for external positioning and zone signal output. To use these tables, download SigmaWin+ for free from Yaskawa’s e-mecha website.

Main functions
  • Program steps: 256 steps
  • External positioning
  • Zone signal outputs: 32 zones
  • JOG speed setting: 16 speed levels
  • Three homing modes
Program Table

Simple:SigmaWin+ for total support from adjustment to programming

SigmaWin+ provides a wizard that will interact with you in a dialog format to help you setup and change the settings in the following windows.
  • Table Editing ( Program table, Zone table, and JOG speed table):
    Displays and edits these tables stored in the Indexer Module’s internal memory. In Station-positioning Window, by specifying a position range and a number of stations, the position of each station can be automatically set in the program table.
  • Parameter Editing:
    Displays, edits, and saves the parameters used for the Indexer Module.
  • Monitoring:
    Displays the SERVOPACK status, operation, and I/O signals in windows.
  • Trace Display:
    Displays data stored in the SERVOPACK’s internal memory in a graph like those used for oscilloscopes. The displayed graph and its data can be printed and saved.

Speedy:High-performance and high-functionality achieved together
with Σ-V series servo drives

  • Outstanding performance:
    Equipped as standard with the highest-level servo response (speed frequency response: 1.6 kHz) in the industry and a high-resolution 20-bit encoder (1,000,000 pulses per rev.)
  • Easy startup:
    Provided with ”New tuning-less function” that works as soon as you hook it up, “New advanced auto tuning function” that automatically optimizes machine motions, and “New one-parameter tuning function” that makes refined adjustments to attain maximum performance by adjusting only one parameter in one tenth of settling time in comparison with earlier models.
  • Excellent expandability:
    A wide lineup of small and medium capacity servo motors with low and medium inertia options Connectable with a conventional model of direct drive motor and linear motor For easy compliance with machine safety standards, the Σ-V series of products are compliance with applicable safety standards* for the first time in Japan.
    * IEC61508-1 to 4 SIL2 and EN954-1 category 3 Stop category 0

Main Applications

Optimum for single-axis positioning that requires PTP (point-to-point) control.
I/O signal connectors and RS-422/RS485 communication interface are provided for connection with a variety of host controller including a PLC, your controllers, and personal computer to widen the application range.
  • Target markets: All
  • Applications: X-Y table, rotary table, positioning conveyor, unmanned warehouses, etc.


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