AC Servo Drives DYNASERV

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AC Servo Drives DYNASERV
Yaskawa has now added the new DYNASERV series, which was previously sold by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, to Yaskawa’s series of direct drive servomotors already on the market. The lineup of the existing Σ series has been expanded by the addition of products with large capacities, high torque levels, and large center apertures. Which meet the demanding needs of our customers.
For information on purchasing the DYNASERV series, please contact your Yaskawa representative.


(1)Magnetic Circuit That Uses a Hybrid Method

The magnetic circuit in the DYNASERV has a magnetic bias method that sandwiches a rare earth permanent magnet with a high magnetic force inside the stator core.
This is a design that is ideal for indexing applications because of its high servo stiffness and its capability to remain motionless after stopping.

(2)Outer Rotor Type Structure

With a control system that uses a high allowable load magnification and an outer rotor type structure, DYNASERV can be used for high loads.
Furthermore, high-rigidity cross roller bearings are used in all the models so a high allowable thrust load and allowable moment load can be achieved.

(3)Low Heat Emission

The motors use a magnetic circuit with an extremely low heat-generating structure, enabling continuous operation with a shorter duty cycle and shorter takt times.

(4)Precision Machining Accuracy 

Many of the models are machined with an accuracy of less than ±5 µm for runout of the output shaft surface (axial runout) and runout at the end of the output shaft (radial runout).
This makes DYNASERV ideal for equipment and applications requiring high machining accuracy.

Extensive Lineup Consisting of over 40 Models

With its compact models, slim-line models and large high-output models, this series offers choices well suited to users’ intended applications.
For details, refer to the figure below. (Click on the figure to enlarge it.)
For information on purchasing the DYNASERV series, please contact your Yaskawa representative.