MP3200 Integrated Machine Controller

New Products
The next-generation MP3200 Machine Controller newly integrates a Vision System with the Servo Drives, Inverters, and Robots that are the pillars of Yaskawa's superior products worldwide.
Recently, the needs for improving interfaces between vision sensors and controllers has increased to support product downsizing and to handle the faster devices that are required to reduce production costs. At the same time, the needs for automated production lines that use robots has also increased to enable small-lot, multiple-product production and to reduce personnel costs. To meet all of these needs, Yaskawa has created an ideal system that can be customized for each application.


Major Features: Highest Motion Control Performance in the Industry

We have increased the speed of the CPU Unit and buses, as well as the speed of program execution and application processing. High-speed application processing boasts a speed as fast as 125 μs. And with the built-in MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ Open Motion Network, high-speed synchronized communications are possible with Servo Drives and Inverters. This radically improves both productivity and performance.


Major Features: Vision System Integration

Although traditionally handled separately from motion control, a Vision System is provided as an MP3200 Module for total integration. This allows you to greatly reduce the total cost of the system. You can also integrate alignment and other vision processing results with the motion control system with absolutely no delay. This eliminates the lost time that was required in previous systems, further improving performance. The Integrated Engineering Tool MPE720 (version 7) makes it a breeze to develop systems with vision displays and controls.


Major Features: Robot Interface

Simply connecting a Yaskawa FS100 Robot Controller to the built-in Ethernet port flexibly automates a production line with the introduction of Robots.


Major Features: Complete Upward Compatibility with MP2000-series Machine Controllers

By simply mounting an Optional Base Unit for the MP2000 Series to the MP3200 Machine Controller, any of the MP2000-series Optional Modules can be used. Applications also provide complete upward compatibility, so you can use any of your MP2000-series application programs on an MP3200 Machine Controller. This allows you to improve system performance simply by replacing the MP2000-series Machine Controller with an MP3200 Machine Controller.


Main Applications

You can effectively use the MP3200 Machine Controller for systems that require higher speed and high performance or systems that require alignment. Or, you can use the MP3200 Machine Controller to improve the performance or productivity of an existing system.

Semiconductor production devices
Liquid crystal production devices
LED production devices
Chip mounter and electronic component production devices
Foodstuff packing devices
Metal processing machines
Secondary battery manufacturing devices