AC Servo Drive Σ-V Series DeviceNet Module

New Products
To use DeviceNet communications for an open field network, an application module that acts as an interface for DeviceNet communications was previously available for the Σ-Ⅱ series of AC servo drives. Now a new optional module for specially designed for DeviceNet communications has been added to the Σ-V series, known for high performance and functionality. This module can connect controllers and Σ-V SERVOPACKs with DeviceNet communications for easy motion control.
These products comply with the following international standards for use in Europe, North America, and Asia: CE Marking, RoHS Directives, and KC mark.


Compatibility with the DeviceNet specifications

Motion controls can be realized by simply connecting the Σ-V SERVOPACK with a host controller compatible with DeviceNet. Support tools for DeviceNet available on the general market can be used, because the round micro-connector used in the DeviceNet module is a standard connector for DeviceNet products.


Data monitoring by host controllers

The operating conditions of servo drives, alarm status, and other information can be monitored by the host controller with DeviceNet communications. This direct monitoring by the host controller makes it easy to maintain servo drives.


Wide variety of built-in functions for positioning

A wide range of positioning functions is provided. Any of these functions can be simply executed from a host controller, such as a PLC.
Main positioning functions

  • Simple positioning
  • Homing
  • Continuous speed operation
  • Positioning after continuous speed operation
  • Programmed operation


Main Applications

This module can be used for a variety of systems that use DeviceNet communications and is recommended for use in the following applications.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Machining and assembly of electronic parts
  • Various logistics or transfer systems
  • Machining and assembly of automotive parts