AC Spindle Motor Drives with Power Regeneration AC Servo Drives Σ-V-SD Series

New Products
Yaskawa has put together the Σ-V-SD series of spindle motor drives that feature a power regeneration function for energy saving. The result achieved by applying its servo drive control technology is nothing less than high-accuracy speed control. This series is ideally suited to drive the spindles of such typical metal-working machines as lathes and machining centers, apparatus for testing the engine parts of automobiles, and other machines that exercise variable control over high-speed rotation.

Power Regeneration Converter and SERVOPACK

* : Ask your Yaskawa representative for information on the KC Mark.
  • Block configuration with unified heights and depths to help optimize control panel designs.
  • Two mounting methods:
    Duct ventilated (external heat sink cooling) and base mounting (in-panel mounting).
  • SERVOPACKs are available with three orientation methods: Motor encoder, external encoder, or magnetic sensor.
  • Front covers make cables easy to organize.
  • You can use Yaskawa’s SigmaWin+ Engineering Tool to easily trace data, check I/O signals, and edit parameters.

Spindle Motor

  • Optimum electromagnetic design and improved cooling structure for high efficiency, downsizing, and reduced weight.
  • High acceleration/deceleration rates with maximum output power of 200% to help improve productivity when used as high-speed, high-power output spindle motors.
  • Downsizing for low moment of inertia and instantaneous power that approach servo performance.
  • Minimal loss of cooling capacity in adverse environments for high reliability.
  • Winding selection for wide-range constant output power of 1:12.
    This increases processing capacity, simplifies gear structure, and reduces the capacity of the applicable drives.

For more detailed specifications, refer to the Catalogs.