MP3300 Machine Controller and AC Servo Drive Σ-7 Series

New Products


New MP3300 Machine Controller with the Highest Synchronous Scanning in the Industry

Machine Controller
MP3000 Series
  • High-speed scanning setting: 125 μs min.
  • 64-bit data types (double-precision real numbers, quadruple-length integers) supported
  • MECHATROLINK-III provided as a standard feature
Module Type
【CPU】 CPU-30□
【Base Unit】 1 slot or 3 slots

For more detailed specifications, refer to the Products.


Σ-7 Series with the World’s Fastest Response Performance

AC Servo Drives
Σ-7 Series
  • 3.1 kHz response frequency
  • FT series to optimize applications (to be released)
  • Improved vibration suppression
Single-axis SERVOPACKs
【Capacity】 200 VAC : 50 W to 15 kW
【Reference I/F】 Analog voltage/pulse train
  • 2-axis SERVOPACKs (200 W x 2 axes to 1 kW x 2 axes)
  • 1.6 kHz response frequency
【Capacity】 200 VAC: 200 W × 2 axes to 1 kW × 2 axes
Σ-7 Servomotors
  • Compact dimensions (approx.80% smaller than our earlier models.)
  • High-resolution 24-bit encoder incorporated (16,777,216 pulses/rev)
  • Maximum torque: 350% (small capacity)
【Low inertia】 SGM7A models : 50 W to 7 kW
【Medium inertia】 SGM7J models : 50 W to 750 W
【Medium inertia, flat type】 SGM7P models : 100 W to 1.5 kW
【Medium inertia】 SGM7G models : 300 W to 15 kW

For more detailed specifications, refer to the Products.


7 Ultimate e-motional Solutions

The MP3000 series and Σ-7 series, which are attuned to Yaskawa’s keynote of “seven ultimate e-motional solutions,” offer an exciting (e-motional) experience to our customers in every part of the lifecycle of their systems.


Ultimate system performance
The superlative performance of our existing products has reached newer heights. System performance is
given another lift by utilizing new solutions.

Ultimate ease of use
No more hassles with adjustment procedures Significant reduction in startup time.

Ultimate environmental performance
Our products meet overseas specifications and exacting operating conditions.
And it’s so easy to bring in energy-saving systems.

Ultimate safety and security
SIL3, the IEC safety standard, complied with.
Even during operation, accidents are prevented from occurring by temperature monitoring.

Ultimate support
We support our customers every step of the way from product selection to product maintenance.
We also offer support solutions that are one step ahead of our competitors.

Ultimate lineup
We have expanded our product lines and built up our product series compatible with other company systems.
Selecting the products of your motion system is now a one-stop process.

Ultimate compatibility
Our products are the same size as existing products so they can easily be swapped out.
The compatibility of programs and parameters is also preserved.
By replacing products, you can easily improve the performance of your system.