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Yaskawa Electric Corporation (hereinafter called "YASKAWA") is currently operating the website e-mechatronics.com (hereinafter called "this website") primarily to provide information to our customers. By accessing this website, visitors indicate their acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Visitors who do not agree to these terms and conditions should refrain from browsing, downloading, or otherwise using services available on this website.
YASKAWA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notification. Changes will go into effect as soon as they are posted on this website. By accessing this website after changes have been posted by YASKAWA, visitors indicate their acknowledgement and acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

1. Disclaimers

YASKAWA has carefully scrutinized the information posted on this website, but we will not accept liability in the following instances.

  1. If the information posted is not completely up-to-date, accurate, safe, or useful.
  2. If the server is terminated, information changes, and/or service is terminated or interrupted without prior notification, and any damage that may result from such actions.
  3. Any damage that may result from using the services on this website.
  4. Any damage that may result from accessing or using services at another website that is linked to this website.

2. Prohibited Actions

Visitors are prohibited from doing the following when using this website.

  1. Infringing on the industrial property rights, copyrights, or other property rights of other customers, third parties, or YASKAWA.
  2. Libeling, defaming, or threatening other customers, third parties, or YASKAWA.
  3. Acting in a manner that is or may be harmful to profits or damaging to other customers, third parties, or YASKAWA.
  4. Acting in a manner that may harm the reputation of YASKAWA or this website.
  5. Using or providing harmful programs such as a computer virus, or acting in a manner that may lead to use or provision of harmful programs such as a computer virus.
  6. Acting in an illegal manner or in a manner that may violate laws and ordinances.

3. Information Contributed by Visitors

Visitors are asked to refrain from accepting confidential information through this website unless the information is specifically requested by YASKAWA. If a visitor happens to provide information to YASKAWA without expressly disclosing that it should be kept confidential, then we are under no obligation to keep that information confidential. YASKAWA is also under no obligation to use or assess that information.

4. Intellectual Property Protection

The copyrights on all information, including all documents, posted on this website are the property of YASKAWA or one of its subsidiaries. Copyright laws prohibit the reproduction of this information in any form without the prior written consent of YASKAWA.
YASKAWA's trade names, registered trademarks, trademarks, and marks displayed on this website are protected by trademark and other laws. They cannot be used without our prior written consent. Other names, such as product names, are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

5. This Website Link

If visitors wish to establish a link to this website, consent to the terms and conditions stated below and send your notification to YASKAWA in advance.

  1. Conditions for link
    YASKAWA will not accept any liability to customers or third parties for compensation for damages incurred in relation to websites which have established a link to this website, or for complaints or demands made in relation to those websites.
  2. Websites that are not allowed to establish a link to this website
    We do not permit any website defined below or websites that may fall into these website categories to establish a link to this website.

    · websites that libel or defame YASKAWA, its affiliated companies, their board members, their employees or third parties.
    · websites that undermine people's trust in YASKAWA or the dignity of YASKAWA, including those websites that offend the public order and morals.
    · websites that have illegal or possibly illegal contents, or that are engaged with illegal or possibly illegal activities.
    · websites that mislead third parties by disguising the fact that this website is operated by YASKAWA, by any method, including running this website in their frame.
    · websites that give visitors a false impression that they have a partnership or cooperative relation with YASKAWA or that YASKAWA is familiar with and supports their websites activities.

  3. Prior notification before establishing a link to this website
    Any party who wishes to establish a link to this website is required to inform us the URL of the linked website in advance by filling out the form below. We will inform you whether the link is permitted or not in return. Please note that we may ask you to delete the link, even after we have given our permission.
  4. How to establish a link
    Once you receive permission to link to us, the link can be established in the following method. Do not use our company logo, trademarks for which we have rights, or our intellectual properties as an icon for the link because they require a contract with and permission from YASKAWA. You may use banners we have prepared for the website link, provided that they are used only for the website link. Please download and use them as website link icons. Transformation, color change, or any other modification of banners is not permitted.
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6. Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

This website and its terms and conditions are subject to Japanese law. Any disputes arising from this website or its terms and conditions fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.