Security of This Website

We have implemented following measures to secure our website so that visitors can feel comfortable using it.

SSL : Data Transmission

When needed, data transmission is protected by SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer).
Click the secure seal of Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd, K.K. to see the verification that this website exists and that this website is encrypted in Secure Seal of SSL.

SSL:Website Proof

We registered the URL "" with Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd, K.K and obtained an "SSL Server Certification" so that our members can confirm that this website is operated by Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

SSL:Data Encryption

SSL is used for all pages on which private information is entered. All entered information is encrypted in the user's personal computer first, and then transferred to this website.
You can confirm that a page utilizes encryption data transmission by checking that the URL begins with "https://".

Anti-virus Precaution

We have strengthened our defenses against viruses by introducing product to prevent virus intrusion into device related to this website. This enables us to prevent our members' personal computers from being affected by viruses through pages of this website or through our emails.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology can enable secure data transmissions by encrypting www and FTP data. This technology can prevent data from being stolen or falsified by a third party, and prevent an outside party from pretending to be a member.