Wizard sizing / Motor selection

Motor selection

A list of the motors searched from the conditions set up until now is displayed.

[Operation Procedure]

  1. Selects a motor.
    The first motor is selected in initial state.
  2. Advance to the Servo amplifier selection by clicking "Next"
    In the following cases, the color of the button is changed in red.
    • When the rated rotation speed of motor exceeds.(rotary type)
    • When the allowable inertia ratio of motor exceeds.(rotary type)
    • When the rated speed of motor exceeds.(linear type)
    * Since you may be able to use it according to operation conditions etc. in both cases, please consult to YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

[Screen Structure]

Displays differ with a rotated type and a linear type.

Motor selection Screen (Rotary Type)

Motor selection Screen (Linear Type)

  1. Motor Selection button
    Selects a motor from the search results.
    The first motor is selected in initial state.

  2. Sorting button
    Changes the order of the motor searched.
    *Only either one can be chosen at a time.

    • Type
      Changes the type order in ascending order (alphabetical order).
    • Rated output (rotation type)/peak thrust (linear type)
      Rated output/Changes the peak thrust order in ascending order.
  3. Catalog button
    Display a motor's catalogue.
    if you cannot click these button, you cannot see those catalogue.

  4. Temperature distribution button
    Goes to the Temperature distibution.

  5. Attraction button (Only linear motor type)
    Goes to the Attraction.

  6. Formula button (Only linear motor type)
    The formula which calculates the calculation result is displayed in the browser.

  7. Calculation Result display
    The calculation results for the motors selected (torque calculation result and etc.) are displayed.

  8. Page button

  9. Back button
    Returns to the Operating conditionOperation Condition after deleting selected motor.

  10. Next button
    Searches the suitable servo amplifiers to the motor selected.

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