Wizard sizing / Application


Select a application of a sizing object.
When data were load with Data load/ delete, or Application was already select, the Application that was already finished setting are displayed.

[Operation Procedure]

  1. Click the button of the applicable mechanism.
  2. Advance to the Machine information by clicking the Next button

[Screen Display]

Application Screen

  1. Application button
    A ball screw (horizontal) is selected in initial state (above figure).
    When data is loaded or the application is selected once, the application has been selected at that point.

    The application is as follows.
    Rotation type Ball screw (horizontal)
    Timing belt (horizontal)
    Rack & pinion (horizontal)
    Ball screw (vertical)
    Timing belt (vertical)
    Rack & pinion (vertical)
    Roll feeder
    Rotation table
    Linear type Linear single axis

  2. Back button
    Returns to the Units setting.

  3. Next button
    Advances to the Machine information of the application selected.

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