Wizard sizing / Data Load/Delete

Data Load/Delete

Loads and deletes saved data in Data save.

[Operation Procedure]

  1. File
    1. Click "File".
      "File open" dialog is displayed.
    2. Select any SSD file, click "Open".
      The data of selected SSD file is loaded.
      If click "Cancel", "File open" dialog is closed.
    3. It returns to the Main menu when clicking "Back".

  2. List
    1. Click "List".
      The Saved data-listing dialog is displayed.
      If no saved data exists, the following procedure cannot be done.
    2. Click "Load" or "Delete"
      Returns to the Main menu after the data loading/data deleting.
    3. Click "Back" button.

[Screen Structure]

Data Load/Delete

Data List Dialog

File List Dialog

  1. Saved data display area

    • Date
      Displays the date of data is saved.
    • Selected motor type
      Displays the type of selected motor.
    • Selected servo amplifier type
      Displays the type of selected servo amplifier.
    • Application
      Displays the selected application.
    • Data name
      Displays the name of saved data.
    • Comment for data
      Displays the comment for data.
    • Comment for application
      Displays the comment for application.
    • Comment for velocity diagram Displays the comment for velocity diagram.

  2. File button
    Display File Open Dialog for Load SSD File.
    *SSD file can not be used for SigmaSize+ Cloud(Japanese only)version.

  3. List button
    Displays a data select dialog.

    1. Click the "List" button
      Displays a list of saved data in dialog.
      Data is displayed from the latest one at the date.
    2. Click the following Page button if necessary.
    3. Click a data to load and [OK].
  4. Back button
    Returns to the Main menu.

  5. Page sending button
    Page sending of the preserved data list is done.

  6. Load button
    The selected data is loaded.

  7. Delete button
    The selected data is deleted.

  8. Cancel button
    The Saved-data-list dialog is closed.

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