Sizing result

Sizing result

You can create a sizing result of servodrive by filling a destination address, a creator and comments in a sizing result.

[Operation Procedure]

  1. Click the [Sizing Result] button on the Main menu or [Result] button on the Data save screen.
    A new window opens, and the sizing report cover screen is displayed.
  2. Click the [OK] button after entering information into the required field.
  3. Sizing result is displayed.
  4. Verify how the report will look when printed by clicking the scroll page button.
  5. Click the [Print] button and the selected pages are printed.

Sizing Result Cover Content Input Screen

Sizing Result display screen
  1. Cover Content input Button
    Display the Cover Content Input Screen.

  2. Scroll Page button
    Scrolls the sizing report page up or down.

  3. Zoom In button
    Zooms in the sizing report.

  4. Zoom Out button
    Zooms out the sizing report.

  5. Direct Ratio button
    The original size sizing report is displayed.

  6. Print Button
    Prints out the sizing report.

[ Calculation of the Regeneration Process ]

SigmaSize+ calculates the regeneration process with the definitions of the regeneration section  j  given below.

When the speed is in the positive direction, the value is Positive.
When the torque is in the positive direction, the value is Positive.

Regeneration Section : 1 .. m
Regenerating Energy of the Section : E Kj
Allowable Regenerating Energy of the Servo Amplifier : E C
* Allowable Regenerating Energy of the Servo Amplifier is using the value corresponding to rated voltage. (100V/200V/400V)
Motor consumption Energy of the Section : E Mj
Section regeneration resistance consumption energy:ERj is as follows.

The energy consumed by the regenerative resistor is calculated by integrating over the entire regeneration section.

Regenerative Resistor Energy Consumption

The capacity of a required regenerative resistor; PA is calculated by the following formula, assuming that the regenerative resistor load is 20% (at natural convection cooling) and the cycle time is t n.


Regeneration Energy

Motor consumption Energy

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