There are two methods of procedure of uninstallation.

Uninstall by using installer.

  1. Execute installer.

    Execute SigmaSizeSAXXXEn.exe(XXX is version number) that was used to install.
    Note:Need administrator authority for the installation.
    "Setup Maitenance program" is shwon.
    Select Delete, and Click Next.
    Setup Maintenance program

  2. Confirm to select uninstall.

    if you agree to execute uninstallation, Click Yes.
    if you click No, uninstallation is interruptted.

  3. Complete uninstallation of SigmaSize+.

    To exit install wizard, Click Finish.
    InstallShield Wizard Complete

To uninstall by oprate you operation system.

OSOperation Method
Windows XP "Start" -> "Control Panel"
Select "Add/Remove Application" at "Control Panel".
Select "SigmaSize+ En", and Click Remove.
Windows Vista/7 Start -> [Control Panel]
Select "Uninstall a program" at "Control Panel".
Select "SigmaSize+ En", and Click Uninstall.

The following procedures are the same as Uninstall by using installer.