User info registration

User info registration

Register or modify user information.

[Operation Procedure]

  1. Input user information.
  2. Click [Register] to set inputted user information.
    Click [Reset] to display pre-input data.
  3. Click [Back] to return to the Main menu.

[Screen Structure]

User info registration Screen

  1. User information input area
    Setting data are as follows.

    Company Input company name of user. Less than 60 characters
    Department Input department of user. Less than 40 characters
    Name Input user name.
    Name is displayed on top left of each screen.
    Less than 40 characters
    Zip code Input zip code of user. Less than 20 characters
    Address Input address of user. Less than 100 characters
    TEL Input telephone number of user. Less than 30 characters
    FAX Input FAX number of user. Less than 30 characters
    E-Mail Input E-Mail address of user. Less than 128 characters
    * Return code is counted as a character.

  2. Register
    You can register the infomation that you input, if you click this button.

  3. Reset
    Resets to last registered information.

  4. Back
    Returns to the Main menu.

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