System outline

This chapter explains the system outline and features of the "SigmaSize+"

Outline and Features

The SigmaSize+ helps the selection of the most suitable motors for a systems used.

The followings are the features of the SigmaSize+

- You can size the necessary Servodrives easily by wizard method.
- Driving method is shown in comprehensible figures.
- Inertia is automatically calculated.
- Velocity diagram can be set.
- Sizing information is saved and it is reusable.
- Quotation request form can be created.
- Installation of special software except Web Browser is unnecessary.


  1. This sizing tool models various parameters such as the mechanism, friction, external forces, etc in the calculation process.
  2. Environmental conditions (such as atmospheric temperature, etc.) and mechanical regulation are included many suppositions and simplification against.
  3. Environmental conditions (such as atmospheric temperature, etc.) and mechanical regulation are not considered.
The user must examine the results for actual application.
Yaskawa Electric Co. is not responsible for any damage caused by use of this software.

Basic configuration of the screen (Wizard sizing)

Basic Configuration of the Screen

  1. User Name
    User name of the SigmaSize+ is displayed.
    The name that was registered at User info registration is displayed here.

  2. End button
    Ends SigmaSize+

  3. Screen Title
    The title of each screen is displayed.

  4. Help button
    Help is displayed by starting the browser.

  5. Screen Chart
    All screen names in the wizard processing are displayed.
    The screen highlighted in white is processed now.
    The screen is scrolled up and down when the cursor is brought closer to the right, and left side of the screen.

  6. Back button
    Returns to a previous screen.

  7. Next button
    Returns to a next screen.

System requirements

OS Windows10
CPU 1GHz or more
Main Memory 1GB or more
Free Hard Disk Space 50MB or more
Monitor 1280x800 or more
Number of Colors 256 colors or more
Browser InternetExplorer10 or later

Explanation of Each screen

"Help" regarding each screen is available from the Table of Contents.