1. Execute Installer.

    Execute SigmaSizeSAXXXEn.exe ("XXX" is version number)
    Note:Need administrator authority for the installation.
    "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for SigmaSize+ En" is shown.
    To continue, click Next.
    Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for SigmaSize+ En

  2. Confirm license agreement.

    if you accept this license agreement, select "I accepth the terms of the license agreement.", click Next.
    License Agreement

  3. Choose destination location.

    Choose destination location, click Next.
    Choose desitionation location

    Click Change, show a dialog.
    change desitionation location
    Change desitionation location and click OK at this dialog.

  4. Select program folder

    Type or select one from the folder list, then setup will add program icons to the Program Folder.
    Select program folder, click Next.
    Select program folder

  5. Ready to Install Program.

    Ready to install progmram.
    Click Install, then starts setup.
    Ready to Install Program

  6. InstallShield Wizard Complete

    Click Complete to exit the wizard.
    InstallShield Wizard Complete